miércoles, junio 27, 2012


Don’t judge me; you have no idea.
Don’t.My  back is crooked?

Yeah, probably. I had 233 pounds stepping over it.
I had 233 pounds of revolting laughing flesh over my shoulder blade.

I felt my thorax expand.
I thought my ribs were going to crack.
I thought something was going to burst
I thought I was, finally, going to die.
But they didn’t, but it didn’t, but I din’t.

And I am glad… I went out and got help.
Help told me that I would be OK,
That I was definitely in a deep depression (no shit, Sherlock).

Help gave me pills, Help gave me drops, Help gave me strength.

And I left.
And I’m gald.

So yeah, my back is crooked.
It’s not really a big problem. In time, it will heal. I know.
I will fix it; like I am fixing everything else.

So, don’t laugh; because it’s really not funny.
And don’t judge; because you have no idea.

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