lunes, julio 30, 2012

I need pills

I need pills, more pills, bigger pills.
Pills to make me happier.
Pills to have big dreams.
Pills to expand my imagination.
Pills to make my skin softer.

I need pills to walk faster.
Pills to stop fantasizing about the past,
Pills to stop fantasizing about the present,
Pills to stop fantasizing about the future,
Pills to get my act together.

I need pills to work harder.
Pills to wake up earlier.
Pills to need less sleep.
Pills to want to exercise,
Pills to look hotter.

I need pills to take better pictures,
Pills to enhance my novel-writing abilities…
Or maybe, pills to generate novel-writing abilities.
Pills to learn 5 new languages.
Pills to have clever conversations on parties.

I need pills, lots and lots of pills,
Pills to be more human, Less stupid, more active,
Sexier, stronger, smarter, cooler and filled with zen.
Pills to fix up my Karma.
Pills to forgive and forget.

Better pills, lots of pills.
Pills to save me from a boring life.

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