miércoles, agosto 04, 2010


I hate it when their perfume sticks to my skin.
It’s the way old ladies rape you mind;
They are just saying hi, you can’t deny an old lady a hug.
And then, the smell (the sugary, powdery, controlling smell) attacks.
It sticks to you.
Everywhere; you face, you sweater, you scarf, your hair.

You need a shower, you need fresh air, you need to get the hell out of there,
but you are stuck.
You are only just arriving and this is a formal event.
For hours the old lady stays with you,

Every time a guy comes around to say hi, you wonder.
Will he think the smell is mine?
Will he still find me attractive?
If he can smell her, and still finds me attractive, is he a sick pervert?

And if you are really unlucky, you are gangbanged by many old ladies.
If you come from a large family or a well known one,
Elderly ladies will flock around you, impregnating you with their various confusing aromas.
There is no escape. Breathe through your mouth and smile.

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