miércoles, agosto 04, 2010

A tattoo?

No, I will not. I will never brand my skin with a tattoo.
Why? Simple.

In my life convictions are fleeting (Like they should be).
Stick to one conviction for too long and you will start a revolution, only to end up with a guillotine between your body and your head.
So, I write 150 words with all my passion,
Post it,
And then write 150 in another direction.
It’s the only way to stay alive.

And when I write, it is always in a format that can be deleted, burned or hidden.
You never know when some other dumb-ass is going to start some silly insurrection;
Writing down names in his To-decapitate list

It’ simple
I am paranoid and flaky.
I don’t need tattoos to describe and encapsulate me.
So no, no thanks.
I have many things to recount, but nothing that needs to be published in my skin.

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