jueves, diciembre 30, 2010

At peace but not yet resting on it.

The way I figure it, is:

I have written down a sufficient amount of thoughts to distract crying eyes for hours, days even. I have taken an adequate quantity of pictures of the world, to get some points across and  I have also taken many self-portraits, in various lights, angles and moods; sad Amaranta, happy Amaranta, serious Amaranta, Amaranta looking away, silly Amaranta, etc.

I have no future activities with a man, a woman or a child that could not be canceled. I have not started a relationship, no marriage plans, I am not pregnant and I think most of my friends know what they mean to me… So, I could pretty much die at any moment and things would be fine.

Not that I want to die, I am not somehow suicidal; no toaster in the tub for me, thank you. But, just so you know; if I die, it’s OK. I would be at peace with it; I think I would leave behind enough of me to last a while.

That’s it.

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