jueves, diciembre 02, 2010

I still feel sick.

I was searching for the killer, even though I knew he would eventually find me first.
That is the thing about dreams; you find out truths that maybe you did not want to learn.
The beauty of real life is that you never know when suffering is coming.

I had to do my job and learn important information about each case;
Know by heart every tiny detail of my future death.

I was going to undergo horrible pain, for a long time; just like all the other girls did.
I was going to have no strength to fight back, I was going to cry.
I was going to beg, pray, hate, bleed, howl, and lose all hope.

I was going to die and, for years, only the killer would know where my body was.

I woke up, alone, scared.  
I still feel sick.

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