viernes, febrero 11, 2011

Best friends

    “So, do you think he saw you as girlfriend material?”
He can ask this because he is one of my best friends, one of seven, part of a selected and loved few.
He asks this because he believes it is therapeutic. Some important step needed to move on.

No, he did not saw me as girlfriend material; we both know this. Nobody has seen me as girlfriend material for a long time. If I do the math, the result is equal to 10 years. I was 18, he was twenty. A lovely young man named Vincent. He asked me to be his, I said yes. We lasted a month, and that was it. Last time someone, to my knowledge, thought I was a good idea.

    No, no, obviously not.”
I answer swallowing what is left of my pride.
Step one: Admit you are not important to others.

    Yeah, well, it happens.”
He says before taking a drink of his beer.

Step two: Pretend. Pretend you did not have pathetic hopes for a family with him. Pretend you are a jaded woman with no feelings and no desire to settle down. Pretend that a beer with a friend is all you need to forget.

Step three: Drink a beer and start forgetting.

… so, you? What happened with that girl?
I can ask this because I am one of his best friends, plus I am really sure he needs to talk a little about it, it might help him…

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

i see you as girlfriend material

Anónimo dijo...

Estoy de acuerdo con Anónimo. Pero además, yo temo que miras a muy alto y yo estoy más abajito de allí...

Amaranta Guevara dijo...

Lies! all lies and nothing but trouble! hahaha Thanks guys, or gals, I do love it when you comment such lovely words... wink!