lunes, septiembre 20, 2010

Sounds like a plan.

You will talk, I will laugh.
I will chat, you will ask relevant questions.
I will dance; you can dance as well (if you want).
You will coordinate your socks to your pants,
I will use high heels on the weekends.

You work and I’ll write
(I will turn out to be a pretty good writer).
We will meet in the middle of the day for lunch or late for dinner.
You will cook the Asian inspired things, I can handle the European.
You do the Sunday breakfast, I’ll wash the plates.

I will read the Eurasian and Latin American authors;
You take the Americans and the British
(If something is really good we’ll tell each other,
If something is really bad we will joke about it).
We will take fun trips to bookstores.

For vacations? We can travel; I am good at it;
I can speak a little French and I am never picky with food.
We will visit modern art museums…
I am not into history, but I can go if you really want to.
I’ll take photos; you will pose for some of them.

Fridays and Saturdays we’ll go out with friends.
On Sunday we do grocery shopping and watch a movie (no chick flicks).
Sex will be good, never stale (actually it will be great, we both know it).
We won’t do anniversary parties, we won’t lie about feelings.
No uncomfortable silences, no need for spooning at night.

I will never say evil things about your mother
and you will have interesting conversations with my father.
We won’t discuss children; until we have to discuss them.
We will not elaborate about our future, but we’ll save money for it.
Slowly the plan will become a life (and we will be OK).

2 comentarios:

miss.kar dijo...

It all sounds yummy... except I really like spooning (until I need my space and kick someone to their side of the bed).

Amaranta Guevara dijo...

Yeah me too, but I am compromising... We can't get it ALL and to have (and hold) that kind of partner I would gladly give up spooning.