martes, octubre 05, 2010


I never get over people.
The important ones, the truthful ones;
I can’t forget them.
There is a list; I go over it whenever I feel down.
They hold me together.

He smiles at me and waves goodbye.
She hands me a coffee and sits down to talk.
She strokes my hair and talks about men.
He eats a burger while we chat about silly things.
He hugs me, we both cry.
She talks about why her hips are perfect for having children.
He is dancing; red shoes, pure joy on his face.
He asks me to runaway with him, I say no; we smile and drink our beers.
I hold his little hand and he asks me about his father.

We laugh, we sing stupid songs; the worst hangover, we drink Fanta limón.
She writes me a little poem.
He runs to the bus station, one last hug.

And then you; I still don’t know what bit of you will remain with me forever,
but I can recognize your meaning; I can add you to the list.

You see, you are now a tiny part of me.

2 comentarios: dijo...

Loved it! Que padre rompecabezas el q forma parte de ti, bonita! Te adoro.

Amaranta Guevara dijo...

Tú eres de las piezas más hermosas! Te quiero mi Jesús!