martes, noviembre 16, 2010

Bear's Sunday Morning.

Bear woke up with a headache.
The light from the window was bothering his eyes, so he went to shut the curtains.
Bear also went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
From the sink he saw that the answering machine was blinking.

Curious, everyone was at the party yesterday, who left me the message? – He thought.
He went to the device and pushed the PLAY button, to find out.

A recognizable voice in a never-before-heard tone came out of the speaker to say:
Mr. Bear? It’s Dr. Duck. I am sorry to leave a message, 
but I have tried your cell phone several times and I get no answer. 
I need you to call me back, urgently; it’s about your father…

The voice went on to leave a seven-digit phone number where it could be reached.
It’s my personal phone, so you can call me at anytime – it added.

Bear sat down in his bed.
His hands were shaking as he reached for the phone.
He took a deep breath and began to dial.

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