miércoles, noviembre 17, 2010

Whale’s Day at The beach.

Whale was waiting; the sand felt warm against her body. She didn’t like that feeling.

Whale could recall clearly when her mother first told her about the Demon Current:
The Damon Current will take you ashore; it will leave you there to burn under the sun and die slowly! – Her mother shouted, after Whale had gotten too far apart from the group.
If you swim alone and get lost, the Demon Current will take you! – Her mother added.

All the infants were taught to feared it and feared it they did;
in long trips, all of them swam side by side with their respective mother, to be safe.
For years Whale had horrible nightmares about her skin being dry.

But sure enough; little ones grow and they start to doubt their parent’s teachings (This is normal and understandable; an important part of evolution).
Whale and the other youngsters started to conceive that maybe, just maybe, the Demon Current, along with the Fake North and the Algal Bloom, were myths; tools to keep them quiet and on track.

Whale started to take more chances, to swim farther and farther away from her group.
Come back! Remember the Demon Current! – Her mother yelled time and time again, but Whale pretended not to listen.
She loved the feeling of cold water rushing against her face, as she swam really fast without a care.

Today something occurred;
Whale was swimming at high-speed and she started to notice that the water was getting murkier.
She tried to slow down but she realized that she could not; 
Whale could no longer control her movements or her velocity.
She stopped swimming, but something was pulling on her, something was taking her away from her group, from her mother.
She was trapped! She was scared! She shouted for help and then fainted.

Whale woke up to an unrecognizable light, she felt sick.
The Demon Current was no myth, the Demon Current took her.

Whale was waiting; the sand felt warm against her body. She didn’t like that feeling.
They’ll find me, they’ll find me and things will be OK… I have time, I have time – She kept whispering to herself.

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