martes, noviembre 16, 2010

The Incredible Adventure of Cow and Pig.

I love you, Pig! - said Cow before going to bed.
Pig was mad, so, he did not answer back.

Earlier that day, Cow had made a silly joke about Pig’s tail;
It was just a joke! – She cried out laughing.
Pig remained serious.
Then, concerned, she added: I am sorry; I was not trying to be rude.
But still, Pig got all red, angry and quiet.

In bed, Cow began to ponder whether Pig was ever going to change.
Sadly, she realized that change, at least in the form of improvement, was not in Pig’s future.
Cow, sobbed a little (nothing wrong with that).

Cow imagined a life without Pig around.
Cow imagined a life with Pig always in it.

She made a decision.
She closed her eyes as the last tear rolled down her long face,
and, eventually, she slept.

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