sábado, noviembre 20, 2010

Go on and date, love, adore!

It doesn’t have to be till dead. It can be for five, eight, ten years and still be considered beautiful.
It changes you; it changes you a lot to see the same person day after day for a long period. It changes you so much that, sometimes, it makes you a person that wants to find somebody else to love. It’s weird, but it happens.

Being with someone for more than two, three, years makes you value things differently. You learn random nuggets of information; like how to bake carrot cupcakes, how to make the perfect omelet and how to install electric fixings. You learn you have strange talents; like the ability to cry on cue, the skill of staying quiet, when you really feel like screaming and the dexterity of going to sleep (and sleeping well!) even when you are supposed to feel guilty.

It’s beautiful. No way to discover all of that on your own. Well, yeah, maybe you could have, but the thing is that you didn’t; someone else had to come into your life to educate you.
And you learn; in abundance. You learn to trust strangers. You learn to love strangers. You learn to make strangers out of lovers. It’s fascinating. It doesn’t have to go on until death to matter. It doesn’t have to be all fun and no pain.

Pain is healthy. People that feel no pain are said to suffer from Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) and they are constantly burning and hurting themselves without noticing. Pain helps us take the hand out of the fire; it helps us know when it’s time to call the hospital.

Burn yourself once and you will forever avoid placing a recently heated marshmallow into your mouth. You will not avoid marshmallows in general, because they are good; you will still love melted marshmallows because, yes, they are really yummy. But no doubt, you’ll make sure that the thing has cooled down enough, before attempting to eat it.

So let’s call the first ex boyfriend the blazing marshmallow. Fine, you have learned about the pain of heated sugar. Now what? Well, learn about the excruciating agony of shutting a car door on your fingers (ex boyfriend number two), or go and enjoy the amazing stinging of a paper-cut (ex boyfriend number three). Go on, suffer a little! Become, slowly, a more adept person!

Do not fear the breakup, do not avoid it. It will make out of both of you more interesting characters. Baggage has been slandered many times in the Media. The truth is, that people that travel and have interesting lives carry around baggage; you can’t visit new cities or make deals with Japanese businessmen, in Japan, if you don’t have with you a selection of clothing pieces and personal hygiene items. Baggage is good! It’s just silly to think otherwise!

So, young lady, young chap; Go on and date, love, adore!
No matter how things turn out, you’ll be just fine!