sábado, noviembre 20, 2010

Monkey and Haruki.

Monkey wakes up.
The bright light from the sun has found its way around the curtain.
It’s Sunday, no work. Thank the Monkey Lord – She thinks.

She gets out of bed, brushes her teeth and takes a long hot shower.
She gets out of the bathroom, dripping wet; takes a look at her body in the mirror.
She has lost some weight.

She checks her cell phone. No messages.
It’s been almost two weeks.

She gets dressed: Jeans, an old t-shit, socks, tennis shoes, no makeup; the usual (the new usual).
She decides to go out for breakfast;
buy herself one of those fancy four-dollar coffees, maybe, even a muffin.

She imagines herself alone in the coffee-shop; feels a pain on her chest. Not a heart attack, don’t worry, it’s just so-called-love gone really wrong.

You are OK, Monkey, he was a douche – She tells herself.

She decides to go ahead with the plan. It’s just breakfast; coffee and, probably, a muffin, or a brownie.

She searches her room for a book; a book is ideal for not looking lonely.
After Dark by Haruki Murakami. Perfect.

Come Murakami, let’s roll.

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