sábado, noviembre 20, 2010

This is how I roll: I am clumsy.

I press play and then get scared with the song finally uploads and starts playing.
I don’t listen to people talk; sometimes I get lost looking at their ears or analyzing how their hair moves.
I spill paint; all types of paints, colors I have spilled, over all types of textures and textiles.
I forget things, and faces, and names. Sometimes I remember a month later that I had to pass on a memo, or I say hi and hug people I was supposed to hate.
I hit my shoulders on door frames; my mother took me to the optometrist, sure that I had a problem. I did not. I have almost perfect vision, so, in almost perfect sharpness I can ignore the wall and just keep walking into it.
I never know how to just say hi, “Dropping bye” is one of the scariest concepts in my mind.
I tell people what I think, and many (most) times what I am thinking is rather inappropriate for a casual moment.
When I am undressing, a part (any part) of my body normally gets stuck in one or more of my clothing pieces (I am sexy that way).
And, of course, wearing high heels, not dropping things, not deleting important files are always a challenge.
That’s just how I am, no way around it.

Oh, yeah, and I also do this: Decide to send a super secrete message to someone, write it with care and then send it to somebody else by mistake.
Yeah, I do that. A lot. 

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